Söta Camilla tipsade i sin blogg Om livet efter om appen The wonder weeks där man kan följa och förstå bebisens olika utvecklingssteg


Om det steg som Lillasyster nu är i så kan man läsa följande:

This leap combines, as it were, the elements of previous leaps. Your baby can now perceive or perform a short, familiar series of smooth transitions, patterns, or sensations.

After this leap, your baby’s skills will have expanded and you may notice he:

Is suddenly very active: one moment he is taking a rest, the next moment suddenly everything about him moves;
Hardly misses when he grasps something;
Puts mother’s hand in his mouth;
Pulls a cloth away from his own face (first still slow);
‘Hits’ the table with a toy;
Is busy with an ”activity center”;
Searches to see where mom or dad are;
Reacts to his mirror image;
Responds to his name;
Uses consonants;
Pushes the breast away when he has enough;
Grumbles when he is impatient.

Note: a baby never does all this at once!

Intressant läsning! Det mesta kan vi bocka av



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